We stand against the Evros fence

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Over the weekend (23-24th January 2016), thousands demonstrated at the North-Eastern Greek border with Turkey (Evros) against the fence which forces thousands of refugees persecuted by war and famine to put their faith into people smuggler’s hands and attempt to cross the Aegean Sea.

During the recent and ongoing drama of the increasing waves of economic and war refugees, the EU remains a spectator while more than 3700 people (among them countless children) are known to have drowned in the Mediterranean sea in 2015 alone. In response, the actions taken to date are the establishment of fences around borders preventing migrants and refugees from  crossing the South-Eastern borders as well as the collaboration with the Erdogan regime, in order to promote the establishment of a “Europe-fortress”.

We see responsibility in the wars and uprooting, caused from the imperialistic policy of international capital that is embodied by the decisions of the governments of the EU members, the US and Russia. Through military interventions, bombings, fomenting of religious and racial conflicts, and the dissolution of a number of countries of the region of Middle East, they compete for economic and political control over those areas. Even the “Islamic State” was born and rose in line with the “war against terrorism”. In fact the repulsive attacks in Paris are massively due to the imperialist intervention in the Middle East and Africa. Grounds should also be seen in racism and islamophobia that have been cultivated within Western countries.

On top of this, the economic and political refugees are turned into scapegoats and presented as a threat to the so-called “European security”. This is in line with the general attitude of capital exploitation where the criminalisation of refugees is the vehicle of profiting from labour cost reductions, from dividing the working class and from imposition of authoritarian and anti-immigrant policies, rights exemptions and abatement policies of everyone’s freedoms.

Fences around Europe, and especially the one in Evros, force refugees to diverge on to dangerous and deadly passages across the eastern Aegean. The apparent result is thousands of deaths while the survivors face appalling reception conditions with complete lack of welfare structures and services. The respected input of solidarity groups is admirable but undeniably insufficient to cover the increasing requirements.

It’s worth paying attention to the role of the EU that not only has been actively contributing to the continuation of the war but over the last months has focused in upgrading and increasing the authorities of Frontex and establishing the so-called Hot Spots. In fact, through the recently introduced “Poseidon Rapid Intervention” operation, Frontex attempts to “control” the flows by pushing refugees back to Turkey, to be held at dreadful detention centres. Complementary, the Hot Spots act as a mechanism of dilution and exclusion of human rights based on arbitrary, legally groundless and racist criteria. The refugees that are detained, are then seen as de-legalised cheap labour units without “legal documents” vulnerable to employers’ blackmailing and social exclusion.

The only ones who can prevent this new form of “massacre” are the united people who fight for their rights. The necessity of a strong international anti-war message is crucial and we have to enhance the solidarity to the thousands of economic and war refugees who fight for dignity, freedom and peace. We need to oppose the transformation of Europe into a fortress and defend our rights and freedom for a society with no wars, exclusions, racism and exploitation. We resist the new attack on the political rights of the peoples of Europe in the name of “security”, the militarisation, the fear and racism.

In solidarity with the Evros demonstrations, we demand:

  • the end of military interventions in Middle East and the withdrawal of all British forces immediately
  • the demolition of any kind of fences. We fight for open borders and secure/free passages to all kinds of refugees whether they are economic, political or war refugees
  • the end of funding towards Frontex and Hot Spots. Use these public funds to establish public structures and social support services for all the kinds of refugees
  • the end of fear and hysteria from the self-grown terrorists that act as an excuse for increased authoritarianism
  • an end to refugee criminalisation, isolation and discrimination
  • the scrapping of the £35k threshold for non-EU citizens settling in the UK


Solidarity doesn’t stop at any borders and “fortresses”. It is durable, practical and not trapped in any kind of differentiation (refugees – migrants). No solution can be temporary since the problem did not appear now but has been formed for years by the international capital. Social solidarity among the oppressed wherever they are from is our weapon against the exploiters. We need to organise and fight – natives and immigrants together for a society of equality and freedom.


Film screening and discussion

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Enayat and Jamal are Afghan refugees who live in a camp in Peshawar and try to escape to Great Britain by the help of people smugglers. Their dangerous journey leads them along the “silk road” through Pakistan, Iran and Turkey towards London.

Join us for a film screening and discussion on the current refugee crisis, its causes and what we can do to help.























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The Greek anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos as a contemporary Bobby Sands is on hunger strike for more than 3 weeks now. His main request is his educational furloughs which are being refused by the Greek state. Albeit the personal implication it has to be highlighted that this action consists a political activism against the new law concerning the rights and furloughs of the prisoners in Greece.

Nikos  Romanos is one of the four who were arrested in their attempt to expropriate a bank (based on their anarchist beliefs), and were convicted of bank robbery last year. It is worth mentioning that during their arrest and the first days of their captivity he and his comrades were severely injured by the police forces. The severity of their deformed faces from the injuries and bruises was of such extent that the photographs released to the press were modified (by photoshop), in order to hide the results of the police brutality. Whilst imprisoned, Nikos Romanos attended the school unit in prison and he was successful at the national exams. As a result, he was granted the right to continue his studies at university level. His right to educational leaves is now being refused however due to restrictions of the novel law and under the excuses of high dangerousness and a high risk of escape.

All of the above is taking place in an ambience of radical political activities in Greece: The previous month the university students’ protests against the law and amendments in education which are aligned with the Neoliberal view of privatised education took place. All the protests were accompanied and stigmatised by the brutal and violent interventions of the riot police towards one of the most peaceful protests of all times in Greece. The hunger strikes of 4500 (the highest number was during July, 2014) prisoners for the annulment of their furloughs and the conditions of imprisonment. The hunger strike (still in progress) of the Syrian war-refugees who are trapped in Greece because of the European Union’s “Dublin-2” treaty, whilst they want to move to an EU country where they may commence their lives from scratch. A few days ago, the Lamentation-Anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos, a close friend of Nikos Romanos (who was one of the carriers of his coffin during the burial ceremony) and victim of the Greek Police, who died by the gunfire of policeman Korkoneas on the 6th of December 2008. In the process of the protest, riot police injured a great number of protesters. Furthermore, many experienced journalists witnessed (they have provided photos and video) the activity of almost 200 undercover policemen. The journalists observed, filmed and photographed the undercover policemen (dressed like anarchists) originally among the riot police (whilst taking orders) and later provoking the riot police by throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails, thus giving them the “right” to use excessive violence. Methods of a totalitarian dictatorship are applied, in the place where the concept of democracy was introduced to humanity.

Consequently, it is evident that the Greek government desires to send a clear message that anyone who stands against it will be brutally crushed. This can be seen by the following:

  1. In the case of Romanos where the violation of his human rights by forced feeding was ordered, a technique which is legitimate only in Guantanamo, though this action is forbidden by the Helsinki agreement on human rights since 1975.
  1. The police tactics during protests in Greece.
  1. The neglect to tackle and satisfy the demands of the Syrian refugees. Instead, their removal from the Syntagma square where they camp and protest was proposed.
  1. The oppressive stand towards the prisoners in Greece who are in a degraded quality of imprisonment, victims of the brutality of guards, with all theirs furloughs being cancelled, which had been acquired by personal effort and signs of good behaviour.

Hence, while raising awareness on the above serious issues of the human rights violation, we demand:

A priori the permission to Nikos Romanos whose life is in great danger by the long hunger strike, to study as he was supposed to, based on the Greek legislation.

A posteriori an immediate response and satisfaction of the requests of the Syrian Immigrants, the Prisoners and the Students by the Greek State. Responses which will be in consistency with the human rights declaration.


Liberty or Death.

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!





A profile of anarchist and bank-robber Salvador Puig Antich, whose 1974 execution under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco ushered in a period of unrest that helped Spain transition to democracy.



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Bruno Davert, an engineer worker in the papermaking industry, is a victim of the relocation of his company. He has been on the dole for almost two years, alternating between moments of self-awareness and depression, and confronting the humiliation of job interviews. One day he has a somewhat drastic idea: to treat the labor market like any other market, in other words to do everything possible to eliminate all competition. He obtains the names of the unemployed engineers living in his region and, therefore, potential rivals for a job
at the Arcadia factory and kills them one by one.

A timely film by Costas Gavras showing the despare of unemployment, a marathon of surviving into a system that exploits the people’s working power. No one should miss it!!!

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