Posted: March 30, 2013 in event
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REAL DEMOCRACY NOW EDINBURGH [GR] and Edinburgh Hellenic Society come together for a joint event:

Catastroika is a documentary film which turns to the after effects of the crisis, namely the mass privatization of public services and the selling off of publicly owned assets. The makers travel round the world gathering data on privatization and search for clues on the day after Greece’s massive privatization program. They use historical precedents to show that privatisation often can lead to not only poorer services and higher prices but also to more rather than less public debt. The film features interviews with Naomi Klein, Slavoj Žižek and Greg Palast, amongst others.

Catastroika by Aris Chatzistefanou & Katerina Kitidi, 87 minutes, in Greek with English subtitles

After the screening we endeavour to open a DISCUSSION about the social and economic results of this crisis. Under the light of the recent events where Cyprus is being forced by ECB to put a saving levy and the experience of financial and political control of Greece by EU/IMF over the last three years we salute everybody to come and share their views on these important matters. Discussion will start around 19:30. Feel free to join us for the whole evening or just for the discussion.

See you all there!


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