Hands off the squats!

Posted: July 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

On the 27th of July, strong police forces conducted a coordinated attack on three squats in Thessaloniki (Greece) which have been housing refugees (“Orfanotrofio”, “Hurriya” and “Mandalidio”) and evicted them. The repressive forces arrested 83 people who are accused of “civil peace disturbance” which consequences judicial implications. The repressive operation was completed with the demolition of the site of “Orfanotrofio” as instructed by the Church of Greece, the ultimate owner of the building.

It was a large-scale punitive operation with a double political objective:

  • Firstly, as part of targeting refugees and migrants, socially isolating and confining them to detention camps and centres where access is forbidden to anyone apart from government and EU officials and NGOs.
  • And secondly it serves the standing authoritarianism and repressive goals of the state against the social and class resistance, due to the recognised threat posed by the collective resistance movements and self-organisation of social life without the state’s intervention.

Given the constant loss of consensus that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government faces as it continues to enforce more austerity measures, it is left with little choice other than to target, slander and repress the social, class and political resistance outbreaks, in order to enable the continuation and intensification of the social and economic deprivation. The attack is also completely in-line with the EU response to the refugee crisis, the fences, the 3,000 reported to have drowned in the Mediterranean, FRONTEX and the EU-Turkey agreement.

All the above follow a series of radical mobilisations of solidarity to refugees and immigrants in Thessaloniki and northern Greece during the “NoBorder Camp”. The repressive operation is also characterised by the nature of state revanchism against the development and evolution of solidarity, and acts as a “response” to the unfolding activities and actions (discussions, events, demonstrations) which could not be hit directly during the ten days of the multitudinous camp. During these mobilisations, refugees and immigrants along with solidaries, occupied the streets of Thessaloniki and expressed their opposition to the attempted political and social isolation imposed by the state, while highlighting the perspective of common struggles.

We declare our solidarity to the squats hit by the government and state repression. And of course our solidarity to the comrades, refugees and migrants who supported the protests with their presence and actions.

In solidarity with the occupation of the SYRIZA offices in Thessaloniki by comrades and squat solidaries, who demand the release and acquittal of all the arrested.

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