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GAP unwelcome

On the 11th of June, George Papandreou, the former Greek Prime Minister who led Greece into the arms of the IMF has been invited to the TEDGlobal 2013 conference in Edinburgh. According to TEDGlobal, he is supposedly going to “draw lessons from the Greek debt crisis”, however, he is the very same person that during his premiership led Greece to an extreme humanitarian crisis.

Papandreou and his government neither “inherited a deficit” as described in the TED website, nor did he enter Greek politics in 2009. He has been an instrumental piece of the political system responsible for the current situation in Greece. He was first elected to the Greek parliament in 1981 and became a member of the central committee of the ultra-corrupt Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) founded by his father, which has been in power in Greece for 21 years over the last 3 decades. He has also held the positions of “Minister for Foreign Affairs” and “Minister for National Education and Religious Affairs”.

He won the general elections in 2009 by promising an end to austerity and measures that would encourage growth while denying that he would appeal for a loan to the IMF. Four years and three memoranda later, Greece’s debt continues to rise despite all declarations. The debt crisis has turned into a humanitarian one with over 21% of people living under severe poverty, a dramatic increase in unemployment (over 55% for the youth)[…] and a 300% increase in suicides. It has also turned into a crisis of democracy with state repression reaching new highs while nazi gangs terrorise, attack and even murder immigrants and activists. In line with all the previous, Greece’s assets are now being privatized for scandalous amounts. The plunging cost of acquiring public wealth and the decline in wages means that the domestic and global super rich ruling classes responsible for the crisis are now actually profiting from it!

At the same time, Papandreou continues to support the neoliberal policies that led to the current situation and travels around the world in luxury giving speeches on the “lessons learned from the Greek crisis”. This is an insult to those who have learnt the “real lessons” from the crisis. All those who have been stricken by the rise in unemployment, the reduction in pensions, the collapse of public welfare, those forced to emigrate.

We will keep fighting for a life of dignity, against the memoranda and the governments who impose them.

We demand that the TEDGlobal conference organisers remove George Papandreou from the speakers list.


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Στις 26 Απριλίου 2012 στις 20:00 το βράδυ (ξανα)κλείνουμε την τηλεόραση, για μια εναλλακτική ματιά στην ενημέρωση. Οι δημιουργοί του Debtocracy, του ντοκιμαντέρ που είδαν εκατομμύρια θεατές στο Ίντερνετ και μεταδόθηκε σε τηλεοπτικά δίκτυα από την Ιαπωνία μέχρι τη Λατινική Αμερική, παρουσιάζουν τη νέα τους παραγωγή, με τίτλο CATASTROIKA, στην ιστοσελίδα

Η CATASTROIKA αναζητά τις συνέπειες της επικείμενης εκποίησης του ελληνικού δημόσιου πλούτου. Εξετάζοντας παραδείγματα ιδιωτικοποιήσεων και απορρύθμισης από την Καλιφόρνια, το Λονδίνο, το Παρίσι, το Βερολίνο, τη Μόσχα και τη Ρώμη, επιχειρούν να προβλέψουν τι θα συμβεί από την εφαρμογή αυτού του μοντέλου σε μια χώρα υπό καθεστώς επιτήρησης.

Ο Σλαβόι Ζίζεκ, η Ναόμι Κλάιν, ο Λούις Σεπούλβεδα, ο Κεν Λόουτς και ο Γκρεγκ Πάλαστ μιλούν για την πολιτική του μνημονίου, την ελληνική κυβέρνηση, αλλά και την επίθεση εναντίον της Δημοκρατίας στην Ευρώπη μετά το ξέσπασμα της οικονομικής κρίσης. Ακαδημαϊκοί όπως ο Ντάνι Ρόντρικ, ο Άλεξ Καλίνικος, ο Μπεν Φάιν, ο Κώστας Δουζίνας, ο Ντιν Μπέικερ, ο Γιώργος Κατρούγκαλος και ο Σπύρος Μαρκέτος περιγράφουν άγνωστες πτυχές των ιδιωτικοποιήσεων στην Ελλάδα και στο εξωτερικό.

Όπως και στο Debtocracy, βασικός παραγωγός της CATASTROIKA είναι οι θεατές που συνεισφέρουν οικονομικά αλλά και με ιδέες στη δημιουργία της. Το ντοκιμαντέρ θα είναι διαθέσιμο δωρεάν, χωρίς δικαιώματα χρήσης και αναμετάδοσης. Αρχεία υψηλής ανάλυσης θα διατίθενται για δωρεάν προβολές σε τηλεοπτικούς σταθμούς, κινηματογράφους αλλά και εκδηλώσεις.

Το σενάριο και τη σκηνοθεσία της CATASTROIKA υπογράφουν οι δημοσιογράφοι Άρης Χατζηστεφάνου και Κατερίνα Κιτίδη, ενώ την επιστημονική επιμέλεια έχει ο Λεωνίδας Βατικιώτης. Τη μουσική επένδυση του ντοκιμαντέρ προσφέρει το συγκρότημα Active Member και ο Ερμής Γεωργιάδης, ενώ το μοντάζ υπογράφει ο Άρης Τριανταφύλλου. Την παραγωγή ανέλαβε η εταιρεία Infowar Productions και ο Θάνος Τσάντας.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες επισκεφθείτε τη διεύθυνση ή επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο +30 6945161147

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On April 26, 2012 at 20:00 let’s turn off the TV and turn to an alternative source of information. The creators of Debtocracy, a documentary viewed by millions of people around the world, present their new production, entitled CATASTROIKA, on the website

The documentary uncovers the forthcoming results of the current sell-off of the Greek public assets, demanded in order to face the country’s enormous sovereign debt. Turning to the examples of London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Rome,CATASTROIKA predicts what will happen, if the model imposed in these areas is imported in a country under international financial tutelage.

Slavoj Zizek, Naomi Klein, Luis Sepulveda, Ken Loach and Greg Palast talk about the austerity measures, the Greek government as well as the attack against Democracy on Europe, after the general spreading of the financial crisis. Academics and specialists like Dani Rodrik, Alex Callinicos, Ben Fine, Costas Douzinas, Dean Baker and Aditya Chakrabortty present unknown aspects of the privatization programs in Greece and abroad.

Just like Debtocracy, CATASTROIKA is co-produced by the public, which contributed both financially and with ideas to its creation. The documentary will be available free of charge, under creative commons license. High-resolution files will be available for TV and cinema broadcasts in various languages.

The journalists Aris Chatzistefanou and Katerina Kitidi are responsible for writing and directing the documentary, while Leonidas Vatikiotis undertook its scientific editing. Active Member and Ermis Georgiadis created the soundtrack ofCATASTROIKA, while the editing was made by Aris Triantafyllou. Infowar Productions and Thanos Tsantas are responsible for producing the film.

For more information, please visit or contact us at +306945161147

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-Fahrenheit 911, An Inconvenient Truth, The Age of Stupid, Inside job [.] If therewere a prize for the quick response and immediate impact, Debtocracy would win it, La Vanguardia

Today a 77-year-old-man ended his life in Greece by shooting himself in the head, because of his inability to cover his debts with his pension being his only income. The tragic incident took place in public view, early this morning at Syntagma Square in Athens right in front of the Greek Parliament, where every day new austerity measures are taken and put forward a well-executed assassination plan of the Greek people by the government.

Among others, a handwritten note has been found, in which he explained the reasons behind his decision.

“The occupying government has annihilated all traces of my survival that was dependant on a decent pension that I alone (without any help from the state) was paying for 35 years.

Since I am of an age that does not give me the personal strength for reaction (But of course I do not rule out the fact that if a greek took up the arms (/kalshnikov), I would be the first one to follow) I cannot see any other choice for a decent end, before I start living out of the bins.

I believe that the youth without a future, one day will take up arms and, in Syntagma square, will  hang the national traitors upside down as the Italians did with Mussolini in 1945 (at Piazzale Loretto in Milan).”

(original document)


The economic crisis and the austerity measures decided by IMF and the EU and accomplished by the government have pushed Greek people to their limits. During the last two years, 1.800 people have committed suicides due.

At the same time the government highlights the necessity to increase the competitiveness of the Greek economy. The model of the “growth” is the same followed in everywhere the IMF has passed: profit for the powerful elite and impoverishment for the majority of people. According to the IMF and the memorandum the only thing that is important in Greece are the numbers and the indicators, not the people.

Rage, anger and affliction have dominated Greek people, who gathered at Syntagma sq. earlier this evening to protest against the occupying government and the state-perpetrated murders.

We are not going to allow any more murders from the occupying government.