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Education is a right, not a privilege or a luxury and must be free for everyone. Education has been prized throughout the past century as the lever of social change and autonomy.

As Greeks we too have witnessed such attempts at the level of our higher education, but not only that. In 2006 the rising student movement against reforms in higher education, with 90% of the countryʼs universities being under occupation for at least a three month period, and unmatched participation of non party affiliated students, was met unprecedented police violence, perhaps comparable to that exercised during the junta. What were essentially promoted in these so called reforms were the commercialization and the privatization of Greek higher education. In effect the control of research based on the demands of corporate sponsors who were to be allowed involvement in the evaluation and the funding of university programs; the practical stifling of the inclusive and free circulation of ideas which is the cornerstone of higher education.

Those measures were in accordance with the EU plans for education as indicated by the ʽBolognia treatyʼ and have been implemented in a number of countries as well as in the UK. They are now however going one step further.

We are now witnessing the sweeping attempts of corporatized states to turn education, and specifically higher education into a highly exclusive and technical apparatus which opts for the training of individuals geared and adapted to the demands of the market and competitiveness, rather than actual scientific advancement, or the development of critical thinking and greater social and political understanding; the fostering of compliant mediocrity as opposed to authentic creative thinking and learning. The increase in tuition and fees is just one further indication of the oppression that is being exercised in the arena of education and work.

In the current circumstance in Britain we see the same attack to the foundations of education and essentially the foundations of society being carried out, and we therefore feel obliged to support the cause of preserving in any way we can the sovereignty of people against the increasingly oppressive demands of anti-humanist corporate interests.