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Today a 77-year-old-man ended his life in Greece by shooting himself in the head, because of his inability to cover his debts with his pension being his only income. The tragic incident took place in public view, early this morning at Syntagma Square in Athens right in front of the Greek Parliament, where every day new austerity measures are taken and put forward a well-executed assassination plan of the Greek people by the government.

Among others, a handwritten note has been found, in which he explained the reasons behind his decision.

“The occupying government has annihilated all traces of my survival that was dependant on a decent pension that I alone (without any help from the state) was paying for 35 years.

Since I am of an age that does not give me the personal strength for reaction (But of course I do not rule out the fact that if a greek took up the arms (/kalshnikov), I would be the first one to follow) I cannot see any other choice for a decent end, before I start living out of the bins.

I believe that the youth without a future, one day will take up arms and, in Syntagma square, will  hang the national traitors upside down as the Italians did with Mussolini in 1945 (at Piazzale Loretto in Milan).”

(original document)


The economic crisis and the austerity measures decided by IMF and the EU and accomplished by the government have pushed Greek people to their limits. During the last two years, 1.800 people have committed suicides due.

At the same time the government highlights the necessity to increase the competitiveness of the Greek economy. The model of the “growth” is the same followed in everywhere the IMF has passed: profit for the powerful elite and impoverishment for the majority of people. According to the IMF and the memorandum the only thing that is important in Greece are the numbers and the indicators, not the people.

Rage, anger and affliction have dominated Greek people, who gathered at Syntagma sq. earlier this evening to protest against the occupying government and the state-perpetrated murders.

We are not going to allow any more murders from the occupying government.