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Posted: April 8, 2013 in event
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Workers of the Viomichaniki Metalleutiki (Vio.Me) factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, a subsidiary of “Filkeram & Johnson”, stopped being paid in May 2011, and subsequently the management abandoned the factory. After a series of assemblies, the workers decided to manage the factory themselves. Since then, they have occupied and defended the factory and the machinery needed for production. On the 12th of February 2013, the factory started production under workers’ control. The production is planned directly with democratic assemblies, without bosses or hierarchy. The workers’ assemblies have declared an end to the unequal division of resources with the workers finally having equal and fair remuneration. This has been decided collectively. The factory produces building materials and they have declared that they plan to move towards production friendlier to the environment. They have continued to reach out to other workers and communities, receiving tremendous support throughout the world. The solidarity shown by these individuals, groups and communities has made an important contribution towards the survival of the workers and their families so far. Supporting them is especially essential in these first months if the project is to succeed.
While the number of unemployed people in Greece is approaching 2 million and the whole world is being plunged deeper and deeper into an economic and ecological crisis, the Vio.Me workers have taken a first step on a long and difficult road. They offer an alternative way forward: the way towards a democratic society without bosses, exploiters and exploited. For that reason, the struggle of Vio.Me. is every worker’s struggle and deserves our solidarity.
We see this as the only future for worker’s struggles.” Makis Anagnostou, Vio.Me workers’ union spokesman.
Join us on Sunday April 14, 2013 at 5.30pm for a discussion with a Vio.Me. workers’ union representative at Pleasance Highland room.