Merkel visits Athens: Protest in Solidarity with the Greek Fighting People

Posted: October 8, 2012 in event, opinion
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The symbolic 7-hour trip of Angela Merkel to Athens, this Tuesday the 9th of October, shows the clarification of the austerity plan which forces Greek people into misery in order to save the European banks. Cuts on the national minimum wage, reduction on pensions, privatization of the public sector are only the indicative measures that have led to 50% of youth unemployment, increase of poverty rate and suicides and the general suffering of the Greek society. The majority of the Greek parties have terrorised the electorate about the supposedly disastrous consequences of a possible Euro/EU exit, in order to adopt now even more strict measures, following the “orders” of the neo-liberal European governments and the so-called Troika.

People are fighting through massive demos and takeovers, giving a heroic battle against the violent and fascist repression of the police forces. During the last days, citizens who just participated in peaceful demos have been illegally arrested and tormented by the Greek Police. A huge movement has been created for Tuesday in organising protests against Merkel all over the centre of Athens, which have been illegally prohibited by the fascist Greek government taking us back to the military junta times. “By decision of the General Police Director of Attica any public congregation is prohibited for reasons of public safety and non-disruption of socio-economic life of the capital, in the period from 09.00 hours Tuesday 09 October 2012 up to 22.00 hours of the same, in the City of Athens … “.

We act in solidarity with the fighting Greek people. We are not intimidated by State violence and restrictions. The entire world must be in the streets of Greece these days. The ONLY answer is fighting for the cancellation of all the memoranda and loan agreements, exit from the Euro/EU, socialisation of the banks, expropriation of all the privatised key sectors of the economy and against every fascist policy.

See you all, on Tuesday the 9th of October outside the CITY CHAMBERS at Royal Mile, at 5pm.

Who struggles can fail. Who doesn’t struggle has already failed!
B. Brecht


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